Global Business Support

Import and Export

In Asia, where economic growth has been remarkable, consumer needs are also changing rapidly. These needs are almost identical to those of Japan. In addition, unique products developed in the Asian region are gaining strength in terms of quality and are becoming more and more attractive to Japanese consumers. Capturing the needs of consumers in Asia and Japan can be a great opportunity for your business to grow. Please contact us through our website whatever your project is.

Support for Overseas Expansion

If you want to expand your business overseas but are not familiar with trade procedures, overseas business customs, and the conflicts that may arise, please contact us. We will work with you to support your business expansion by incorporating the characteristics and risks of overseas markets and the practical issues involved in business transactions.

Accompanying overseas visits

When you visit a country, it is very important to know the focus of the market you want to enter. It is often the case that sales methods and experience in Japan do not work at all in the country you plan to enter. Our company works with our clients to consider where the strengths of their products lie and gives advice on what points to focus on in the market and what checks should be made, considering local business and consumer habits.

Interpretation and Translation

We aim to provide interpretation and translation services that are not limited to simple communication support for foreign companies. Our goal is to provide interpretation and translation services that consider the client's business and negotiation methods so that the client can gain an advantage.